Welcome to a new initiative!

The launch of Positive Ageing Coaching is designed to introduce an exciting new approach to supporting people to get the best out of later life. Building on the forthcoming book The Ten Steps of Positive Ageing, this new life coaching offer will provide a practical programme for personal change in later life.

Research has shown that how we think about ageing can have a very significant impact on our health and wellbeing in later life. Positive Ageing Coaching will therefore enable you to achieve a more balanced appreciation of ageing’s positive as well as negative aspects. The new coaching approach will then work with your personal interests and challenges and support you to exert more control over your ageing process. There is no claim that your ageing can become trouble free or euphoric, but there is the claim that it is possible significantly influence our satisfaction and wellbeing in your later years. 

The Positive Ageing approach to life coaching is designed to enable you to:-

  • Develop a more positive mindset about ageing
  • Take some control over how you age
  • Bolster your resilience in order to face the challenges of later life
  • Develop a greater zest for life
  • Find a more fulfilling direction and sense of purpose 

Positive Ageing Coaching is due to begin in October 2020.

This website is under construction just now but please feel free to use the contact form below to ask for further information or register your interest in this exciting new offer.