Coaching for positive ageing

Can ageing really be a positive experience? Can we really have any significant control over how we age? Can life coaching really help?

Yes, Yes & Yes!

The key however rather depends on how you view the ageing process.  Most of us feel rather powerless and full of trepidation at the prospect of becoming old.  Positive Ageing Coaching provides an evidence based counterbalance to the prevailing doom and gloom. Achieve a more balanced appreciation of ageing’s positive as well as negative aspects is a crucial starting for ageing positively. With a more rounded picture you will be much better placed to change your later life by changing your thoughts about it.

Our coaching approach will enable you to:-

  • Develop more positive psychological and emotional responses to ageing
  • Take some control over how you age
  • Bolster your resilience in order to face the challenges of later life
  • Develop a greater zest for life
  • Find a more fulfilling direction and sense of purpose